April 8, 2019

We recently vacationed in Orlando and needed the services of a pet sitter. The KOA where we were staying gave us the phone number for Lake Nona Dog Walkers. They came out to meet us and discuss our needs. The young man who came out was extremely professional and friendly. After talking with him I felt very comfortable with leaving our pets in his care. Each day he came at the agreed upon time, took care of business and texted us to lets us know everything was OK. I highly recommend that if you live in the Lake Nona area or visiting and need a pet sitter to give them a call.

David Allen

No Title

April 4, 2019

Lake Nona dog walkers saved our Disney Day. Gracie was so happy and we didn’t have to worry!! 😊

Susan Lee

Paul's review

July 30, 2015

I would like to take a moment and say that , my dogs best friend is an outstanding service. I had just moved to the Lake Nona area and needed a dog Sitter almost immediately. I reached out to them from a recomendation from lake Nona facebook group. I felt so comfortable with the company . You could imagine being in a new city not knowing anyone how there could be some aprehension. My dogs best friend eased all my concerns . He wet above and beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend them to anyone .

Paul D.

Stephanie's Review

June 29, 2015

Will takes my 6 month old puppy on mid day walks during the week while I’m at work. When I met Will it was obvious that he really cares for animals, he has been professional and reliable and I know that my puppy is in good hands!

Stephanie T.

Tammy's Review

December 18, 2014

I have been using Will to watch my pets for more than 6 years now. He has always been reliable and trustworthy. I leave him with a key to the house and he even spends the night, because I don’t like to leave the dogs alone. He is wonderful with the animals and they love him. He communicates well through text, and I feel like I am well informed while I am away. I especially like when he sends me pics of happy dogs. Our pets are like our family so leaving them is always hard, but I feel better knowing Will is with them.

Tammy R.

Christine's Review - Need Dog Walking Services

December 16, 2014

Will is dependable and loving with our dogs. They really look forward to seeing him. He makes sure they are safe and have water. One dog had an accident in the house and he cleaned it up.! We love Will and recommend him if you want a great walker and companion while you are working g

Christine S.

Derrick's Review

December 16, 2014

We starting using will as a petsitter this year when moved to the Orlando area and have been very pleased. He is very professional and dependable. One of our dogs is very difficult to deal with and Will has done a great job with him. We would highly recommend Will and his pet sitting services.

Derrick A.

Andrea's Request

December 15, 2014

Need dog walking

Andrea L.

Melissa's Review

August 5, 2014

Will is a very reliable, trustworthy, punctual individual. He walks our dog Kylee a couple of times a week. She absolutely adores Will and he is very affectionate towards her. You can tell he loves animals and truly enjoys what he does. I highly recommend Will for any of your pet needs. You can trust that your pet will be in the best possible care when you are unable to be there.

Melissa B.

Laurea's Review

July 30, 2014

Will has been helping me with my pets for years. He is very responsible and loving toward my dog and (diabetic) cat.I feel free to go out of town knowing my animals are loved and well cared for.

Laurea A.

Michelle's Review

July 29, 2014

Will has always been very responsive and reliable. It is a great help to me when I am away for long days to know our dog will be walked and played with. Will makes sure to check in with status of our dog and I know she is getting his full attention when he is with her.

Michelle S.

Laura's Review

June 26, 2014

Will is so great to our 2 little dogs! They are always accident free when we come home and have fresh water. He is so flexible with our ever changing schedules. He always is okay with going above and beyond like bringing in packages and even helping out when my mom’s dog came to visit. I highly recommend him!

Laura B.

Lourdes's Review

December 8, 2013

During my recuperation from hand surgery I had to stay with my son in Orlando for three weeks. I needed someone to walk my dogs and I was referred to Will from another doggy day care in Orlando. My experience with Will was exceptional, not only was he a great person, he was always on time, my babies loved him and loved their walk with him. I will use Will anytime I am in Orlando for he is trustworthy, reliable and professional. I recommend Will to anyone who is in need for help with their babies care whether you are a resident in Orlando or vacationing or an extended stay for any other reasons.

Lourdes B.

Kelly's Review

December 4, 2013

I have used Will as a pet sitter for years, both for midday walks when I was working long hours and when I went out of town…once for 12 days and I had great piece of mind knowing he was taking care of our 4-legged kids! He sends texts with times he was there, status updates on peeing/pooping, eating, etc. as well as my favorite thing – photos and funny updates about what they did on walk (you know he’s really paying attention and knows your dog when he says Brock did Rollie’s on every neighbors lawn 🙂 Lastly, and this is critical, I trust him completely with our house code and keys – I don’t think I have ever been able to say that comfortably about anyone else! He goes above and beyond when something comes up as well! I highly recommend Will!

Kelly A.

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