Dog Walker in Orlando

When you need a professional dog walker you can trust, there’s no team better for the job than Lake Nona Dog Walkers.

We’re confident that we’re the leading dog walkers in Orlando and the surrounding area, and we have a track record to prove it. We’re BBB accredited with an A+ rating and we’ve won the 2019 “Best of Orlando” Dog Walker award. Not only is dog walking our job, but it’s our passion. This is what allows us to provide a service that goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.

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Reliable Quotes on Dog Walking Services

When you get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to provide you with an honest, reliable quote right from the get-go. We can also set up a no-obligation consultation for you and your four-legged pal to meet with our dog walking specialists and get to know us and our services a little better.

Depending on you and your dog’s preference, we offer group and solo dog walking services to accommodate everyone. Let us know what you prefer and we’ll sign your pup right up.

Award-Winning, Full-Service Dog Walking

As the recipient of the 2019 “Best of Orlando” Dog Walker’s award, we feel confident in our ability to provide you with the very best dog walking services in Orlando and the surrounding area. From pick-up to drop-off, we pay close attention to your dog’s needs to ensure they’re happy all along the way. Our full-service dog walking includes:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Reliable quotes upfront
  • Scheduled pick-up and drop-off
  • Safe, exciting walking routes for your pup
  • Highly qualified dog walkers

We set a schedule with you and stick to it. We’ll pick up your dog on time at your home, take them on a secure and adventurous walk, and bring them back safe and sound. What more could you need?

Professional, Experienced Dog Walkers

All our dog walkers are dependable and extensively experienced walking dogs of all breeds and sizes. We know how to handle a rowdy group of dogs, all while allowing them to properly enjoy their walk. We’re also familiar with all the best routes to take to maximize your pup’s pleasure and enjoyment, while still making sure to keep them out of harm’s way.

Your dog will be able to interact with others, take care of business, and enjoy the fresh air and scenic views. Whether alone or in a group, our deluxe dog walks will be sure to be the highlight of your dog’s day, every day.

Safe, Stimulating Walks for Your Pup

At Lake Nona Dog Walkers, we dedicate time to mapping out special routes that’ll provide a safe yet stimulating experience to your pup. Combining the right mix of diverse landscapes and familiar areas, we build dog walking trails made to please. We always take care to check that there are adequate sidewalks and no potential safety hazards on route. With us, you’ll rest assured that your dog’s leash is in good hands.

Orlando’s Premier Dog Walking Specialists

Dogs have many specific needs that make them different than other household pets, and no one understands their needs better than the compassionate dog walkers at Lake Nona Dog Walkers.

Don’t let your dog sit around all day. Let us take them out so they can play and get some exercise.

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Professional Dog Care: Give Your Dog the Attention They Deserve

The real world isn’t always so accommodating to dog owners. Full-time jobs keep you out of the house for hours on end, and those long office hours make taking your dog out twice a day seem physically impossible.

Thankfully, there are people out there who can help. At Lake Nona Dog Walkers, we offer dog walking services for canine companions of all breeds and ages. We take your dog out for one or two walks a day, ensuring they get all the exercise and socializing they need.

Would you like to learn more about our services? Call us today!

Our Dog Walking Services Will Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

We are a licensed and insured family business who doesn’t outsource contract workers. Every one of our staff has received their certificate of completion for Dog CPR and First Aid + Safety. What’s more, every person on our team is a certified dog lover.

You’ll never have to worry your dog isn’t getting the attention they need.  When we’re walking your dog you’ll be able to go about your workday clear-headed and happy!

With us, your dog gets exercise, and you get peace of mind.

Free Consultations: Give Your Dog a Chance to Meet the Dog Sitter – For Free!

Every dog is unique in their own special way, and we take the time to learn all the things that make them who they are before you feel obligated to make any decisions. We’ll use the first consultation to interview you about your dog’s preferences and personality, and we’ll even give your dog an opportunity to get to know us too!

Group and Solo Dog Walking Sessions: Something for Every Dog!

Some dogs love walking alongside other dogs, while others prefer to solo walks. We’ll do whatever works best for your dog and leave the other options behind.

You Set the Schedule: Flexible Dog Walking Services

Would you rather we walk your dog every day or every other day? Would you rather we walk your dog in the evening or the morning? You decide!

You Set the Pace: Puppy Walking for High Energy Pups

Does your little dog need lots and lots of exercise right now? That’s fine by us! We’ll make sure your dog gets all the walking they need.

We Know the Perfect Routes for Puppy Walking

This isn’t our first time around the block. We know the safest and most stimulating routes for dogs of all temperaments. We’ll make sure they have a rewarding adventure every day!

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Dog owners in Orlando depend on the professionals at Lake Nona Dog Walkers for all their dog walking needs.

Our team of self-professed dog lovers and professional dog walkers offer convenient, safe, and engaging dog walking services. Taking an individualized approach to each dog’s disposition and personality, we offer our services to suit your schedule.

We provide both solo and group dog walking, keeping your furry friend entertained and occupied even while you are at work.

To request a free estimate for our dog walking services, contact us today!

Dependable Dog Walking Services in the Orlando Area

Every dog owner knows the importance of regular dog walking. Walking your dog is a crucial part of your canine companion’s health and well-being, affording the opportunity to interact with their environment as well as with other dogs. However, most dog owners need to work away from home for a significant portion of the day.

Fortunately, our dog walkers specialize in prompt and reliable dog walking services. We love spending time with dogs and are committed to keeping your dogs in our care, safe and happy. We have extensive experience working with dogs of all breeds and genders.

If you have a puppy, older dog, or a dog with special needs, we can customize our approach to the unique requirements of your dog. We are Orlando’s one-stop shop for all things dog related, and we offer dog sitting and at-home dog visits, in addition to dog walking.

To schedule a dog walking appointment, reach out to one of our representatives today!

Dog Walking Planned Around Your Schedule

To suit your availabilities, our dog walkers can set up a regular dog walking schedule. We arrive at your home at the established date and time, ready to take your dog on an adventure.

Depending on your preferences, we can offer both individual and group dog walking. Group dog walking offers many benefits for socializing your dog, particularly if yours is a single-dog household. Solo walks are generally suited to the needs of younger dogs, who may not be trained to the point where they could interact with other dogs.

We can also customize the length and route of the walk according to your needs. If your dog has a favorite park or street, we will be certain to incorporate these locations into the route.

Dog Walkers with Years of Dependable Experience

Each member of our team has been working with dogs for many years. Our love for all living things and passion for dogs make us dedicated to dog walking that is engaging, fun, and safe.

While in our care, we treat dogs as though they were our own. Their safety and enjoyment are our top priority. Depending on your schedule and your dog’s needs, we can set up regular dog walking services that work conveniently for you.

We are also pleased to offer our prompt, reliable services at competitive rates.

Choose the Best for Your Canine Companion with Dependable Dog Walking

For the finest, most engaging dog walking services in Orlando, look no further than Lake Nona Dog Walkers.

To speak with one of our specialists, contact us today!

Solo and Group Dog Walker in Orlando

Walking your dog two or three times a day is one of the most important parts of being a responsible dog owner. However, the responsibilities of working in a fast-paced city such as Orlando mean that this is not always possible. And when you factor in additional family or personal relationship tasks, it can often be difficult to find sufficient time in the day to get your dog all the activity he or she may require. However, that is where we come in.

With vast amounts of experience in solo and group dog walking, the professional team at Lake Nona Dog Walkers should be the first number you call to ensure your dog receives their daily dose of cardiovascular activity. For our team of pet care professionals, dog walking is something we take very seriously. So, if you want the best for your furry friend, then why not give us a call today. With convenient walking times, affordable prices and an unrivalled reputation, you’ll be glad you contacted us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Expert Dog Walking -- Walk This Way

At Lake Nona Dog Walkers your dog’s safety is our number one priority. It is for this reason that we guarantee their well-being when they are on a walk with us. Our trained and certified dog walkers are capable of navigating many dogs at once and will always take the utmost safety when approaching traffic or other dangerous spots. On top of that, we also always select routes that are both familiar to your dog and ones which allow him or her opportunities to roam more freely such as parks and river banks.

Tailor-Made Dog Walking Routes: Creating an Adventure for Your Dog

As any dog owner will tell you, a walk is generally your furry friend’s favorite time of day. At Lake Nona Dog Walkers we believe your dog should always return home from a walk feeling better and more relaxed than they did before leaving. Regular walks are crucial for dogs physical and emotional health and help regulate sleeping and eating patterns. However, on top of that, walks with us are generally great adventures. So, whether it is a solo trip to the park or a group visit to the river, a walk with Lake Nona Dog Walkers will soon become the highlight of your dog’s day.

Socializing Benefits of Dog Walking

At Lake Nona Dog Walkers we offer solo and group dog sessions. The solo-based option is generally for younger dogs who might need a little more training before they can be integrated into a bigger group setting. There is no doubt that the socializing element of group dog walking is extremely beneficial to dogs of all ages. Interacting with other dogs of different breeds and gender ensures that your dog’s body and mind is both healthy and balanced. It is also guaranteed to remove excessive energy. As the saying goes, a tired dog is a well-behaved one.