Dog Grooming in St. Cloud

For all your dog grooming needs, look no further than the professionals at Lake Nona Dog Walkers. Our grooming services will have your canine companion looking their best and feeling even better.

With our extensive range of grooming packages tailored to each client, you are sure to find what you and your dog need! We operate a beautiful, fully-equipped grooming facility where your dog will receive the red carpet treatment. We also have a wide inventory of treats and products for sale!

Whatever your dog’s needs, our location is the one to serve you. Contact us today for free pricing info, or to schedule your appointment! 


Meticulous Dog and Puppy Grooming Services

As long-time dog lovers and owners ourselves, we know that the grooming process can be a challenge. Energetic and rambunctious dogs and puppies and can be a challenge to groom at home. That’s why we at Lake Nona Dog Walkers give you the opportunity to outsource this service to us!

We recognize that a trip to the groomers can often be a sensory overload, so we make each dog feel safe and secure in our location. Our services are designed to improve not only the appearance of dogs but their health and well-being too.

We are expertly familiar with each dog breed and their various needs, and have specialized methods to keep them looking and feeling their best.

Dog Spa Offering Dog Shampooing

Choose from our creative spa menu to find the packages and services to suit your dog!

Leaving no services overlooked, we bathe and groom your dog, using the highest quality of safe and cleansing dog shampoos. Your dog will be shampooed, conditioned, and blow-dried. We have special methods for degreasing and de-shedding as well, ridding your dog of dander and excess fur.

We also do nail trimming and grinding, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, and finish off with a special bowtie or bandana. Throughout the whole process, they’ll be showered with love!

Our service is rapid, and the amount of time depends on the size of your dog. Regardless of their breed or age, you will find that a pampered dog is a happy one!

Dog Groomers and Lovers with Years of Experience

We have been serving dogs and dog owners in the St. Cloud area for a number of years. We operate a beautiful facility with everything your dog needs or wants. Enjoy browsing through our inventory of dog products like treats, toys, and more!

We are fully licensed and bonded, and committed to exceeding expectations. If you are a dog owner, we are the company to serve you!

Treat Your Dog to a Day at the Spa with The Grooming Specialists

When your dog needs a grooming appointment, look no further than the specialists at Lake Nona Dog Walkers.

We have the passion for dogs, patience, and expertise to take care of all your dog’s needs. We will take just as good care of them as you do!

Call today at (407) 470-4384 to schedule an appointment.